About me.


My little sister (my mini) and me.


My name is Bethanie and I’m a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a bachelor’s degree in Choral Music Education. I’m originally from up north, but was persuaded into leaving that fast-paced world and embracing the culture of fried food, shagging and, of course, the slower pace of life. Since graduating in December 2012, I’ve backpacked through Europe for a month (you can read about it here), lived in Phoenix for a year, then I moved back north to pursue my ultimate passion: teaching elementary school music.

I love to write, and my mom always thought that I’d major in English. Much to her dismay I chose a possibly less lucrative path, but writing will always be a passion of mine. I’d one day love to write for a magazine; however, considering I’ma choir teacher, that wish might be far-fetched.