Sneaky secrets.

In April, I’m traveling to Europe to visit the wonderful Brianna (a friend from college). She’s studying in York, UK this semester, and so I’ve decided to visit her.

This has been in the works for a little while: At first it was kind of an impossible dream because I didn’t have the money or a job, but with college graduation came graduation money and, to my great pleasure, enough to buy myself a ticket overseas. So I bought it and kept it a secret from my parents. I was still visiting them in NJ and I didn’t want to have to hear some lecture on being so irresponsible with my money and how I don’t even have a job and it was such a bad idea to spend this much money! So I didn’t tell them. I would eventually tell them, but not until I was back in my apartment six states away. One day I posted on facebook that I needed to borrow a large backpack from someone for a trip I’d be taking in April, and could anyone lend one to me? I got a text from my mother.

This is the conversation:
Mom: What do you need a backpacking bag for?
Me: I’m going on a trip.
Mom: To see your friend overseas?
Me: Yep. I booked the ticket in January.
(3 minutes pass)
Me: Sorry I didn’t tell you. I was waiting to get back to my apartment so you couldn’t yell at me.
(3 hours later)
Mom: I knew it the day you did it. We heard you on the phone with your friend.

So much for being sneaky.

You know how when you’re younger, parents always say that they know everything? Well, I think I believe it now. I really thought I was being super sneaky. Guess not.

Anyway, you can keep up with my European travels here. I won’t be posting til April though.


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