You don’t really have to read this.

It has been almost a year since I last posted, and I don’t know if I should apologize or just leave it.
Anyway, so much has changed in my life.

Last time I wrote, I was all gung-ho to go on staff full-time with Campus Crusade for Christ, now known simply as Cru. However, this summer, while on staff at a Cru Summer Project in Daytona Beach, I learned a lot about myself and I did a lot of soul-searching, if you will, to see what was really drawing me toward going on staff. Turns out, I wanted to join staff for all the wrong reasons.

In the fall, I started student teaching at an elementary school, and I fell in love. I love teaching elementary school music, absolutely, and I happen to be good at it. I love the kids, I love the stuff I get to teach them, and I love being an elementary school teacher. This changed my world, and I really believe that God gave me this passion. AND He totally orchestrated the whole thing! I had a WONDERFUL, amazing, fantastic cooperating teacher, and had I graduated on time, I wouldn’t have been placed with her.
Also, if I’d graduated on time, I wouldn’t have been able to live with Sydney, one of my best friends, and have the time of my life in a grown-up apartment. If I’d graduated on time, I wouldn’t have been able to hang out as much with another very good friend, Brianna, and we wouldn’t have made plans to travel Europe together in April. I wouldn’t have done or experienced so many different things that I would have missed so much, had I graduated in May. There’s always a reason that God makes us wait, or says no to something; I know this, but sometimes I hate remembering it. I love being mad and frustrated when I have to wait, but of course I know I can’t change what I have no control over.

Looking back on last year, yikes!!! My life was totally different than it is now. Ties with whom I thought were “forever friends” have been severed (only because people graduate and move on, no hard feelings), I was dead set on something that God changed in me, and I just feel so much more mature than I was last year. I think maybe my friends can attest to that. Maybe? Or not.


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