Fishtail braid.

Today I tried out a wonderful new way to do my hair: a fishtail braid. (Click here for a how-to guide). I think it turned out pretty great. I couldn’t get a back view by myself, but here’s the front view.

My first fishtail!

Since I only just learned how to do this, it was a little messy. But I’m pretty sure I’ll get better as I practice. It’s a really easy braid, and it works surprisingly well with my hair texture and length. My hair doesn’t hold braids well, so this might be my new go-to.
I had to wet my hair beforehand so I could get a better grip, and then I emptied about half a bottle of hairspray to make sure it stayed (don’t tell the ozone layer). Next time I’ll try doing a tighter braid and possibly a braid that’s more to the side.

Thanks to pinterest and stumbleupon for being instrumental in my newfound interest in braiding.

Five Days Old. Can you see the little green specks?

A few days ago, my friend Brianna and I went to Target so she could buy some things, and I saw a pot of “grow-your-own-flowers” in the sale section (I got it for $2.50 or something). Today is day five of my daisies’ growth, and look how healthy they are!
Since I know you’re so excited to see their progress, I’ll update you with pictures once in a while.


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