Fish are friends, not food. (Lie.)

Day 2 of my adventures into pescetarianism.
Today I realized that I’ll miss chicken the most. For sure. I went with Morgan, the other student-staff girl, to dinner at fellow staffers Christi and Lindsay’s house. We were having grilled kabobs with tons of veggies, marinated chicken, and yellow rice, accompanied by Greek salad, seasoned asparagus, some dinner rolls, and strawberries. At first I was disappointed that I couldn’t partake in the delicious-looking chicken, but then I remembered that I brought some Boca chicken nuggets with me (here on out called “fake chicken”). I made a veggie kabob for myself and ate fake chicken instead of real chicken which worked just as well in my book.

I wanted to buy some shrimp because I thought it might taste great with the veggies on the grill, but a pound of peeled shrimp was about $13, and a pound of shrimp with the shells still on wasn’t very much cheaper… maybe $9. That’s not happening. Way too expensive for my budget. I’ll have to wait until it goes on sale. Not that I’d buy the shrimp with shells on, anyway. I did that once (by accident) and almost had a panic attack stripping off their shells. It was like peeling bugs. How disgusting. In a situation like that, the only thing I could think to do was call my mom. That didn’t go well– she’s never de-shelled shrimp before. So that will never happen again. I don’t do bugs, and I definitely don’t do shelled shrimp that look like big, frozen, gray-ish bugs. The sad part was that once I’d gotten the shrimp de-shelled and cooked, I didn’t even want to eat them because they reminded me of how grossed out I was trying to cook them in the first place. What a waste.


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