The game’s afoot.

I’ve become a pescetarian. This means I’m a vegetarian, plus I eat fish and shellfish. And animal byproducts. Just not beef, pork, or poultry. I’m just kind of sick of meat, and I figured that this is an easy way to be a little healthier. We’ll see if I can hold out for very long against my family’s insistence on being omnivorous. I mean, I already like tofu and Boca burgers and veggies, so what could really be so different/difficult?
(PS– If you have any good and easy recipes for vegetarian meals or anything that uses tofu, please leave me a comment about it! I’d love to try some new/easy/cheap food.)

Besides that, I’m pretty excited to be able to go home New Jersey on April 3rd. My family and I have been apart for far too long (since December 26th), and it’s time to see them. My sister and I will be spending at least one day in the city (NYC) while I’m home, and that promises to be a blast. We’re adventurous, so we’ll go to some off-the-beaten-path places. (Speaking of, did you know that there’s a castle in Central Park?)

You'd never know that this is in New York City.

A few weeks ago I got sucked into the Hunger Games vortex. It was with metaphorical feet-dragging that I delved into the first book, aptly titled The Hunger Games. Two chapters in, I lost a sense of reality and was completely captured by the story. After each book (there are three), I had to catch my breath and remember that these characters are not real people, and that these scenarios are fake. I tend to get too emotionally attached and involved in the lives of fictional characters, and it’s necessary for my health to take a breather between books so I don’t fall victim to the drama and adrenaline-inducing suspense that Suzanne Collins artfully captures in her series.
Then I went to see the movie at the midnight premiere.
It wasn’t as good as the book, but what movie ever is? This article adequately sums up my feelings: Hunger Games Article.
Before the movie, my friends at The Wolf and the Bee created this snazzy little number in homage to the Games. I bought it and wore it proudly to the premiere. Feel free to copy me and buy yourself a shirt.

Well, I’ve exhausted my procrastination time, and now a sociology exam is calling my name: “Bethanieeeeeee! Study your socioooooologyyyy boooooooks!” So here I must depart.


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