Spot the sun.

This morning I was awake around 6am so I could write a paper that’s due today.

This is a meme.

… this was my motto yesterday. And proof that I’m so over being in school.

As it happens, I was writing in my very cold apartment, my fingers getting too numb to find the correct keys so every word was misspelled and had to be retyped, which made the whole process that much longer. On the bright side (quite literally), I was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise right through my dining room windows.

Now I’m taking a short break from the mundaneness of writing a paper on sunspots and solar winds to drink hot chocolate, listen to a great “good morning” music mix, and write a little here while I’m feeling up to it.

While I’m writing, I might as well remind you of the love God has for you. He created the sunrise that so beautifully brightened my dull morning, and He created you. Just like He’s planned for the sun to rise and set each day, He has a wonderful plan for your life.


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