Reject passivity.

This summer, the men of Smoky Mountain Summer Project 2011 learned a lot about “rejecting passivity.” This meant that they were very intentional in how they treated us (the ladies of project), how they acted in general, and how they responded to the Lord and their relationship with Him.
“Reject passivity” became a kind of catch phrase with all of us by the end of the summer. I know that in my Bible study, we talked about it a few times with regards to making a point to have quiet times with the Lord and praying more and so on.

One thing that struck me was how seriously the guys took this concept when dealing with the girls. It was wonderful to see that they were really being intentional about how they treated us, their sisters in Christ, as precious. They guarded our hearts by making sure they never did anything that could have been seen as something else. For instance, they decided that back massages between guys and girls were in a little bit of a gray area on project, so the guys didn’t do that anymore. They initiated that. They were our best friends and our brothers. They still are, at least to me. That summer, the guys were a true picture of what Christian men should be.

I write all of this because I’ve been having some trouble with guys, Christian and not, who maybe don’t understand how to reject passivity; and I’ve talked with other girls who are having this same problem with guys in their lives. I read this article, “Your Friendgirl Deserves Better,” and not only is it a wakeup call to the single men in the world, but it’s also a nudge to that girl (sometimes myself… maybe more than sometimes) who needs to stop accepting the little manipulations guys toss her way when all they want is an ego boost and not a relationship.

If you’re a man, please read this: Reject passivity. Start being intentional with the girls in your life. They totally deserve it and they care about you; friend-wise or more, they do. Don’t string us along to make yourself feel good, because that makes us feel awful. Promise.

The Men of SMSP


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