Psalm for my heart.

Oh Lord,

My heart longs for You and You alone.

My spirit aches for the acceptance You promise,

Oh my Lord.

You, dear Lord, hold my life in Your hands,

You have woven my life together

And You know every stitch.

Oh Lord,

Do not let go of me.

Remember Your servant,

Remind me of Your promises,

Oh my Lord.

Please help my wounds to heal.

Because of Your unfailing love

You pick up the broken pieces

And capture my heart again.

Oh Lord,

You sing over me,

You rejoice over me,

You fight for me,

You seek after me.

Oh my Lord.

You rescued me from the depths of my despair;

You brought me out of darkness into light.

Keep my ear to Your chest

That I may hear Your heart beat for me.

Oh Lord,

In my eyes, I am nothing;

But in Your eyes, I am everything.

Oh my Lord.


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