Lock it in your pocket.

A lot has happened since I wrote in November, so I’m here to catch you up on what’s been going on.
I guess I’ll start with something I forgot to write about in October.

In the middle of October, USC has Fall Break. Usually, people go home for that 4- or 5-day break, but most of the time I’ll stay in the Carolinas because it’s too expensive to fly home when I’ll be going home a month later for Thanksgiving anyway. So that’s what I led my family into believing.
Earlier in September, I had talked with my Dad about possibly flying home to surprise my family during Fall Break. He suggested that I stay at school and save my money, but I convinced him that my Nana and Pop (Mom’s parents) would be able to help me find a cheap flight. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to; instead, they offered to pay for my flights! Such a blessing.

I persuaded my dad to keep all of this a secret, and begged Nana and Pop not to let it slip to my mom or brothers and sisters that I was flying home in October. I was really nervous because even I had trouble keeping my mom in the dark. Especially when Mom and Dad came to visit in late September for Parents’ Weekend. Oh my gosh. That was really tough.

So October rolls around, and I had a bunch of things happening in a row: the first weekend in October, my Project friends came to visit. The second weekend was my 22nd birthday and Fall Getaway with Cru, and the third weekend was Fall Break/my visit home. I kept having to tell my mom that I was going to Charleston to visit friends for Fall Break, and that I had to get the car looked at, mundane things like that, to keep the secret from her. (Later she was mad that I’d lied to her, but it was for a good reason.)

On October 19th, I flew home to surprise my family. Nana picked me up at the airport, and we went straight to the Food Pantry that my mom runs. She was working, so I knocked on the door and went in. She was on the phone and totally freaked out. You can watch her reaction, as well as everyone else’s, in the video I’ll post at the end of this.
Then I went to visit my sister Krista at school. Krista’s 16 in the video (now she’s 17), and she missed me a lot (still does). She kept calling and asking me to come home soon and telling me how much it sucks not having me around. Of course I felt bad, but I couldn’t tell her about it or else it’d ruin the surprise! So I went to her high school and told her choir director what I was doing. Krista came to choir that day and I hid in the storage closet. A few minutes into class, I opened the door and walked towards her. She didn’t even notice until I was right in front of her.

My other siblings’ reactions weren’t as extreme, but they’re still in the video.

So that’s my surprise visit home. It was so fun, I wish I could do it every year! :]


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