We are miracles and we’re not alone.

The other day I wrote a post and listed a few things that make me think of people from SMSP. Since then, I’ve been thinking about what things remind me of each person from Project, and thought it would be fun to write out a list.

Things that make me think of you/things I think of when thinking of you.

Anna B: bugs, funny animal pictures, being the same person.
TBreezy: old men, loafers, loyalty.
Stephanie: “All My Fountains,” silverware, the first girl I met, best friends.
Kayla Cobalt: spacing out, cute outfits, wonderfully sweet.
Kayla Copper: “Give Me Faith,”  getting shotgun, growing into good friends.
BDuds: hugs, great talks, funnier quotes, gluten-free.
Taylor: photography, tie-dye, motherly, haircuts.
Austin: charming, you remind me of my brother.
Leah: hiccups, Toms, servant-hearted, bleating goats.
Brian: hipsters, coiffed hair, good friend.
Holly: bears, gross things (because you’re a nursing major), late-night talks, best friend.
Jess G: Michigan, french braids, leader, insta-best friends.
Sarah: BOUCHILLOOOON, encouragement, sister.
Alicia: hugs, truth, wonderful friend.
Calvin: encouraging, brother, and there’s a guy in the School of Music I see all the time who sounds/looks like you. :]
Jordan: multiple names, being Asian, the first guy I met, running shorts, Apples to Apples, logically optimistic.
Ally: Texas, girl time, late-night talks, best friend, dimples, beautiful blue eyes.
Lawson: “Like a Lion,”  I’m not little, beautiful smile, wanting to be Laura, gallon challenge.
Rozie: good music, leader, really nice, gummy bears.
Billy: “SMSP11 Song,” brother, ziplines.
Faith: Utah, McDonald’s, Harry Potter, crazy sense of humor.
Tina: housemaid, Clemson, spiders, engagements, understanding.
Amanda: servant-hearted, good cook, lovely.
Meranda: sweet, beautiful, encouraging.
Taltha: funny, our trolley ride together, sweet friend.
Ed: mullets, jorts, Space Needle, huggable bear.
Jessie P: bed-mate, ironing clothes, henna tattoos, wonderful heart, best friend, HUGS!
Becca S: truth, John 3:16, tears, washing feet, love, cupcake sprinkles.
Anna S: shaving, clipping nails, dirty laundry, gallon challenge, contagious laugh, sweet heart.
Holly Jo: Oklahoma, tractors, beautiful soul.
Grace: beautiful heart, sweet, leader, encouraging.
Seth: Russia, spy, ginger, translucent skin, brother.
Devin: Yoo-Hoo, djembe, expired granola bars, The Office, hiking with my purse, jumping off cliffs, great friend.
Konner: Owl City, charmer at Blaine’s, awesome taste in music, encourager.
Ross: brother, reliable, Toms, understanding.


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