Like the sun on the horizon.

This weekend was Fall Getaway for USC’s Cru, and it was as amazing as it’s always been. We broke the Fall Getaway curse when the Gamecocks finally won a game while we were on Getaway (which hasn’t happened in more than …. 8 years maybe?) I was so excited to be with so many of my wonderful friends this weekend, and I got to make so many more awesome friends.

Another pretty cool thing was that I turned 22 this past Friday, October 14. How crazy! I’m so old… at least I feel it. I can’t believe that I’m finally a senior, 22, and about to graduate in six and a half months. What will I do without my college friends? Probably cry. Haha. (But seriously.)

I got to be in the Cru Staff picture with the other student interns for the newsletter we send out to our supporters, and it was so awesome to be included; I’m finally feeling officially like a staff lady! It’s so amazing that it’s happening. This internship is the most wonderful job I could ever have. It’s challenging in so many different ways, mostly spiritually, but it’s definitely something I love. It’s a job I don’t think I’ll ever end up dreading, like other jobs I’ve loved in the beginning and then hated after a while. I could do this for a living.

Full-time staff, interns, student-staff, and volunteers.


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