From the darkness comes a light.

Wow! How wonderful is it to have a God who always provides and is always faithful! I cannot begin to tell you the awesome story of how all of my Cru Internship support was raised in a crazy Hollywood-style miracle, but I’ll try to write it here for you.

My support deadline was originally October 1 at 11:59pm, but on September 30, I was told by my staff director that the deadline was a mistake, and that it was actually October 7 at 5pm. That was a huge relief, as I had $398.33/per month and $1330 in one-time gifts left to raise. Thank the Lord for His blessing of more time! So I went to work that whole week. I busted my butt calling people, talking to people at church, and humbling myself in God’s presence by begging Him to provide as He promises to do for His children.

On Friday, I woke up early and got to work calling people. Meanwhile, I was cleaning my apartment in preparation for 12 of my SMSP friends to arrive later that evening.
I spent a lot of time on Friday praying for the Lord to stir people’s hearts to give to my internship. I also spent a lot of time being amazed at how God works in really crazy ways. For instance, my friend who was coming to visit that weekend, Sarah, was hanging out with her cousin and told her about my internship, and Sarah’s cousin decided to support me! What a blessing!

The visiting SMSP-ers.

I was getting closer and closer to my goal, and was texting one of my staff directors, Merideth, about every 10 minutes with updates and with freak-outs about how this was impossible. If she read the texts to you, you’d probably pee yourself laughing at how I went from super excited one minute to scared to death the next. Anyway, it was three minutes to 5pm (the deadline), and I still had to raise $26.45 a month. I was out of people to talk to, and I didn’t know what to do. I hadn’t yet given up, but I was just so flustered that I didn’t even think about how this might not happen. At 5pm, Sarah called and I went outside to help her find parking at my apartment. As she pulled in, two of my friends, one of them visiting after graduating last May, walked down the stairs. I felt that I had to ask the one visiting if he could help me at all with support:
“I know this is a super random question, and I don’t want you to feel pressured at all, but I’m kind of in a bind here and I have until, well, now, to raise the rest of my monthly support for my Cru internship: $26.45 a month. Do you think you can do any of that?”
(While all of this was happening, Merideth had texted me at 5:01pm: “It’s 5pm! What’s the deal?!”)
“Uhm, well, I think I can do all of it.” My friend replied.

You can imagine my surprise and thankfulness and excitement. I gave him a huge hug and helped Sarah unpack her car, and ran inside to call Merideth. She screamed on the phone and said she wanted to cry because of God’s faithfulness and because she was so proud of me. How wonderful is God!?

So, as of this morning, I was officially hired to Cru Part-Time Field Staff (my official title), but we just call it “Cru student intern.” I get my first paycheck later this month.

God is so full of surprises. He always comes in at the last minute and scoops us out of trouble. He waits until we have to rely only on Him and nothing else, and then changes things. He’s always there watching the situation and completely in control, but we have to be willing to rely totally on Him.

This experience has been such a time of learning for me. It’s taught me to be humble, to lean only on God, to trust in Him, the importance of prayer, and so many other things. It’s also been a time of great affirmation to my thoughts about going on full-time staff with Cru after graduation.

I am beyond excited.


2 thoughts on “From the darkness comes a light.

  1. Amazing! I was actually telling my roommate that it was a great day for you after we heard you screaming in the parking lot at 10pm. You get your support raised and you got to see your project friends! And that does sound really close to my story.

    Just remember, it’s not over yet., read October 2nd. It’s a great time to live in this spiritual high, however he’ll call you down into the valley soon to live out your faith and test you again. He works in nice little somewhat confusing/amazing patterns.

    *cough* & *cough*

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