The water’s fine.

Here I am, back at Cool Beans, sipping a maple caramel latte, trying to get into the flow of classes and interning and life. I’ve been super busy since the week before classes started: we (the other three Cru interns and I) have been doing a lot of planning, support-raising, and organizing for the upcoming semester’s Cru events. It’s a ton of fun and I supremely enjoy it, but it’s also a lot of work. Our campus director, Paul, told us that we’d be exhausted by the end of the next few weeks and if we aren’t, then we’re not working hard enough. And he was right: I’m exhausted! But it’s not a bad kind of exhausted, it’s the type of exhaustion that comes from working hard and having a lot to do.

This year I’ll be leading a freshmen girls Bible study in my favorite dorm, where I lived as a freshman. I’m so excited! The girls I’ve met so far are sweet and really interested in getting to know God more personally and getting involved in Cru. It’s so encouraging that they’re excited as well, and I’m glad I get to kind of take them under my wing and show them how much God really loves them.

As much as I miss my SMSP family, and I miss them dearly, it’s been difficult finding time to be sad that I don’t see them much anymore. I’ve been so busy with school and Cru and organizing my life, and we group skype with each other about once a week, so it hasn’t been too hard of a transition. Although I do get pretty sad if I stop to think about how much fun we had and how we won’t really be all together again until heaven, especially because some (one or two) of the SMSP-ers won’t be at reunion because they live too far away. Super sad.

So now it’s time to jump back in to college life. The summer’s over, and real life (as “real” as life can be in college) has to begin again.

If you would, please be praying for:

  • The Cru interns’ support-raising efforts.
  • That stress will not overwhelm me.
  • That I’ll make it a point to have quiet time with God each day, so I’m being fed spiritually, and not just pouring out.

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