Silver and goals.

I realized that I’ve completed a few of my 100 Things in the past two months:

#1: I’m still working my way through the Bible. I just finished Jeremiah.
#8: I went to see the final Harry Potter movie with some SMSP friends. It was amazing!!
# 10: I was a waitress this summer, so now I fully understand the plight of the under-tipped, so I try to leave as much as I can reasonably afford when I tip. Sometimes, if I don’t get anything more expensive than $10 or $12, I’ll leave a 50% tip.
#40: So I went to a drive-in movie with my friends this past May and we saw Rio and Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2. Both funny movies.
#41: My SMSP friends and I went stargazing in the Smoky Mountains this summer.

#47: So this practical joke wasn’t highly elaborate; it was more a prank of opportunity. Here’s the story:
One night, my friend Tina and I were walking from the Chateau office to the main building, when our friend Billy decided to spit water from the third floor and try to hit us. Tina and I got to the elevators and began talking about ways to get him back, and ways to prank all the guys on the trip. All of the ideas we had required an inside man, so we figured we might as well ask one of them the next day. I got off the elevator on my floor and, since I happen to have a room on the same floor as one of the guys’ rooms, I decided to pop in to see if one guy, Brian, might be that inside man.
I knocked on the door and yelled hello a few times, but no one answered. So I opened the door a crack and yelled hello again, and still no one answered. So finally, I just walked in a looked around. No one was there, or on the balcony, so I grinned an evil little grin to myself and ran outside and shut the door. I called Tina and told her to get her butt down here with a bag: we’re stealing the guys’ silverware.
She came down and we snuck back into the guys’ room (room 405) and took all their silverware from their drawer and from their dishwasher. We ran into our friend Stephanie on the way to the next floor, and we told her what we were doing. She said that all the guys were probably in the conference room having a meeting, so we went to the other guys’ room, room 109, to see if that was true.
We got to 109 and knocked and yelled hello, but no one answered. Their door was unlocked also, so we opened it and yelled again. No answer. So then we went in and looked around. No one was there. Then we stole their silverware. Tina and Steph took 109’s silverware, I took 405’s.
Later that night, I called our friend Devin, from 109, to see if he could give me a ride to FoodCity the next day, because he had that day off from work, too. He said he would, and then said that he had to hang up because he was about to grab something to eat and then go to bed. About 10 minutes later, I called again to see if he and whoever else was off the next day wanted to go to a pancake place with me in the morning. I didn’t even get to ask him because he answered the phone with, “Bethanie! Where’s our silverware!!! I have a hot pot of Ramen that’s getting cold because I have no spoons!” (He was mad, but also laughing because it was just a really random thing to realize that he had no silverware.)
I denied everything, like a good little prankster, but eventually he found out that I at least knew where the silverware was. He told me that if they didn’t get their silverware back, he wouldn’t drive me to FoodCity. So I had to give 109’s back.
405, on the other hand, didn’t get their silverware until the next day, because I forgot. Later the next night, one of the guys in 405, Ross, told me that he woke up that morning at 6am, poured himself a bowl of wonderful cereal, and then came to find that they had no silverware. He was a little mad, but I laughed when he told me the story.
The whole thing was extremely funny to me and some of the other girls, but the guys were all kind of mad about it. Why? They told me never to mess with guys and their food (or how they eat their food).

#65: I was just on Summer Project this summer; that’s where the above prank story is from! To read all about my summer, click here!

That’s it on the goal updates.

Here’s a question: What’s the best prank you’ve ever pulled or had anyone pull on you? I need some ideas for my friends. Hahaha (evil laugh).


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