Things I learned from Seventeen.

Some ideas come to us at the most unexpected times. This is one of them.
I was shaving my legs this morning and thinking about how my friend and I were discussing shaving techniques. For instance, sometimes girls experience the inevitable “pricklies.” Pricklies are when a girl shaves her legs and later goes outside in the cold, only to realize that her goose bumps cause the muscles at the base of the follicles to contract, thus forcing the hairs on her legs to extend. Annoying. My friend and I were discussing how to combat this vexing issue, and I told her to shower with warm water to soften the follicles, then make the water cold so she gets goose bumps, and shave then. This would eliminate the problem of pricklies.

She hadn’t ever heard of this, and I wondered where I had learned it in the first place: teen magazines. It occurred to me that there are so many things that I’ve learned from teen magazines that I’ve unwittingly internalized. Most of these things are not necessarily Biblically correct, but I’ve come to insert them into my daily life without knowing it.

This series will be about refuting the not-so-truthful things I’ve learned from teen magazines like Seventeen, CosmoGirl, Teen Vogue, J-14, and others. I’m not sure how many posts this series will contain… I’ll think about a few topics and write until I run out of thoughts. If you have any ideas, leave them for me in a comment.


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