Your love is a symphony.

This morning as I was sitting in church, a thought came to me. We had a sermon on the recent tsunami and how God fits into all of it. The following thoughts might be hard to read, especially if you’re not a Christian, but please humor my musings.

God is just in all He does. He has given all people the free gift of grace and eternal life by Jesus’ death on the cross; all we have to do is accept the gift. Who are we to say when anyone should die? If He has given everyone the opportunity to love Him, and has made himself known through creation (Romans 1:20), whose fault is it that they didn’t love Him? Of course, the tsunami was devastating. I’m not saying that I’m glad it happened, by any means. I’m merely stating that we have no excuse to be mad at God for what happened. He is in control of everything, and He did create the earthquake that caused the tsunami. God knew what would happen, and He has a perfect plan and reason for it. We may never understand it; actually, we will never understand His reasons. The only thing we can do is understand that no one is guaranteed another day, another hour, another minute. I could die walking to class tomorrow. We are not promised life, and we do not deserve to live.

We may never fully understand God’s plans for us or for the world, but we can rest assured that He is completely in control of everything in our lives. Nothing He does is left up to chance at all. God is like an orchestra conductor. He controls everything, and everything works together. When God waves His hands over the cellos, the tides ebb and flow. When He motions to the percussion section, our hearts beat according to His tempo. If you’ve ever wanted your own theme music (as I wish for, on more than a weekly basis), this is it. God’s written a song for you, and He plays it constantly, every minute of every day. Don’t miss out.


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