Dream a little dream.

For some reason, I suddenly had the uncontrollable urge to find and live in an apartment just like the one in Friends. Their apartment is fabulous: spacious, colorful, and right in the middle of New York. Actually, it was a set built in LA, but who cares. You can take a look at the apartment if you’ve never seen it (and were living under a rock for the 90s), and see a funny moment the Friends have had :]

Anyway, I really want to live in an apartment like that. It’s a dream I guess I’ve had for a while: The artsy area of New York City, colorful friends and colorful walls, a fun job, and the perfect size apartment with the perfect size rent check. Why is this so alluring? Living in New York City, as close as I live to it now when I’m at home, is a sort of fairy-tale land. During the summer, I like to take the train into the city, wander around with a book in my purse, and set myself on a path towards Bryant Park and the New York Public Library. I’m a romantic; living in the city provides an array of opportunities for adventure and romance and lazy days in the most wonderful city in America. The only problem is that living in the city would be far from what I wish it were. There’d be gross bugs, a sub par apartment building, long flights of stairs with no elevators, expensive rent, and more (I’m sure). Reality is never as good as my dreams.
This is pretty true in all areas of my life. I want the dream relationship, the dream car, the dream body, the dream life… and it’s not like that. Nothing is a Dream. Dreams are unrealistic. Dictionary.com says that a dream is “something of an unreal beauty, charm, or excellence.” Unreal.

Reality is something we can’t get away from, so it’s safe to say that I won’t be living in my dream apartment any time soon, if ever. The only thing I can rely on is the hard work that’ll have to happen in order for some or any of my dreams to come true.
But even if they don’t come true, I have assurance that God will give me something better. He always has the best in mind for me, so I’m not worried about my future. The best is yet to come.


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