Forget you (and forget him too).

This is a small intro to my Valentine’s Day post. I’m not sure exactly what I’ll write about tomorrow… I have to see what mood I’m in.

I do not want to harp on the fact that I’m single. To prove my point, I just deleted a whole post that I was going to publish about which places to avoid tomorrow. Then I realized that people probably don’t care. Neither do I, actually.
I’m truthfully really excited about all the discount candy that I’ll be buying tomorrow night. Yep. That’s my plan.

I remember last Valentine’s Day… I went to see the movie Valentine’s Day with one of my friends. It was so much fun! I spent the whole day ignoring the love that oozed from every corner of campus and avoided acknowledging that anyone was in a relationship. It was a day of blissful denial. I escaped it all day, and then I went back to my dorm. I sat down at the computer to update my status to something like, “I escaped all of the mushy love stuff today!” when I saw a video my friend was tagged in. (This might make you sick with just how wonderful it is.)
My friend’s boyfriend called her down from her dorm. When she walked outside, he and his friends were standing in a semi-circle dressed in white shirts and khakis. She walked up to them with a confused look on her face, and then her boyfriend walked up to her and started singing. Then all the guys started singing, too. They serenaded her. And her friend took a video of it. And people walking past stopped and watched in awe of how wonderful her boyfriend was for putting this whole thing together. I watched it on facebook and almost cried. “The entire day!” I thought. “I went the entire day without seeing anything like this, only to be foiled by facebook!” (Yes, this just turned into an angsty teenage novel.)

Anyway, enduring Valentine’s Day single is like waiting to hear about a test you probably bombed. The day moves slowly, your concentration is nonexistent, you avoid thinking about the test and go through the day in denial, only to be sucker-punched in the stomach when you finally sit down at the computer to check your grade.

See you tomorrow.


Edit: I guess I do harp a little in this post… but not as much as I was going to.


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