Coffee talk.

I feel like I have to write a blog post every time I’m at Cool Beans. And that’s where I am right now, drinking a twist on a favorite: a Maple Caramel Latte. Wonderful. If you love caramel lattes, you’ll so enjoy this.

My friends have this thing where they say that I know everything about everyone. Of course I don’t, but I just happen to know a lot about my friends. People like to talk to me and tell me things, and I’m good at reading people and their relationships to other people. For example, I am really good at calling a relationship before it starts. I’ve done so more than a few times. And I’m really good at calling when relationships aren’t going to last. I don’t want them to break up, but I can tell by how they relate to each other and how they act around each other whether or not they’re going to last. It’s just a thing. And it’s more than with couples… I can tell how people feel about each other as friends or whether someone’s faking a friendship and things like that. I tell people that I’m just good at picking up on non-verbal cues.

My friends also say that I’m 100% estrogen because I’m super girly and stuff. Not that I dress in pink all the time (right now I’m wearing jeans and a yellow t-shirt); I just act girly. And it’s totally not an act; I love being this way. Anyway, I guess it makes sense that I can read people really well … it’s a type of “women’s intuition,” and since I’m 100% estrogen, I guess I’ve got the women’s intuition thing in spades.


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