Comfort zones.

Right now, I’m sitting in Cool Beans with a hazelnut white mocha latte (my drink of choice at any coffee place), thinking about Smoky Mountain Summer Project.
O my gosh, I can’t wait!
The only thing I’m a little worried about is having to raise the support money needed to go on this trip: $2800 ($3100 with food costs included). I’ve been on mission trips before, and I’ve had to raise support for those trips, but the whole process is grueling. I don’t like asking people for money… especially friends. I know that it’s a step of faith, but it seems like I’m begging sometimes. Please pray that I can send out the letters and that God will tell people to give so that I don’t have to feel like I’m begging.
But knowing God, He’ll have me actually call people because He likes to put, or shove, me out of my comfort zone. Big time.

The people on my team have already been so nice! We’re all in a facebook group together, and we’ve been talking to each other via facebook and getting to know each other a little bit that way. And there’s a guy, Ross, who goes to USC, who’s also going on the trip, whom I didn’t know before last week. We’ve been talking a little bit, and I feel horrible because he’s trying to be my friend by making me laugh and stuff, but each time we see each other I’m in a bad mood, mostly because of what happened this week with Danny. It’s totally not Ross’s fault at all, and he shouldn’t feel like I hate him because I don’t. It’s just that I’m not myself sometimes these days. I know that he and I will be friends, but we need to learn to adapt to each other’s personalities. It’s kind of a funny situation. He’s a good guy though. :]

It’s overcast now; hopefully it doesn’t rain. If it does, my shoes will get ruined. Grrr.

Have a wonderful day anyway!


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