We are golden.

Today was a difficult day. Today was Danny’s viewing. Tomorrow will be worse.

As I wrote earlier, Danny was a leader on a mission trip I went on in 2007. One of the girls on that trip with us, Lindsay, goes to school in Arkansas and drove to South Carolina so she could go to the wake and funeral.

I haven’t seen Lindsay in almost four years, and we haven’t really spoken in a long time. Even so, when she got to my apartment it was like we’d been away from each other for only a few days. Being a Christian is amazing not only because I have a loving relationship with the God of the universe, but true Christians have wonderful friendships. Because of the underlying commonality of having Christ in our lives, everything else is extra. We grow up, our interests change, our personalities change, but because we have Christ as the root of our lives, we don’t need anything else in order to be friends. Bonds like that are not easily broken.


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