There’s no way to train for this marathon.

Here’s a goals update:

Number 57: I teach voice lessons for real! I work at the Columbia Arts Academy, and it’s wonderful! I teach all ages, but most of the kids are early teens. I’m learning a lot, and making such great money!! It pays to be a music student :]

Number 94: I had a Lord of the Rings Movie Marathon last night. My friend Abi and I decided that this would be the best time to do it since we didn’t have classes today (voting day!). She and her friend Heather brought Hobbit Food (apples, cheeses, crackers) to my apartment, and I supplied the soda and sparkling cider (because who doesn’t love sparkling cider?). We started the movies at 7pm and, with the necessary bathroom and stretching breaks between movies, we finished all three extended editions at 7am this morning. There were only a few of us who stayed for the entire marathon, but there were a lot of people who stopped by intermittently. It was such a fun night! Towards the end of the marathon, we all got a little loopy from lack of sleep, and we all got a lot closer to each other because of it. :]

The life of a college student is never boring. <3


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