Things that happen to me.

It has been a long time since I’ve posted. Sorry! I’ve been so busy. I don’t know if I’ll remember everything I’ve been doing, but I’ll try to write them for you to read!

On Friday, July 30, Krista and I went to the city to walk around. We went to this cafe called Cafe Grumpy for breakfast, then we walked from there (20th Street) to the NY Public Library on 42nd Street. Thankfully, it wasn’t too hot that day, so we didn’t get very sweaty. From there, we tried to find two different used book stores, but even though we had the addresses and everything, we just could not find them! Maybe they went out of business…. After that, we went to the MoMA and took some amazing pictures. I wasn’t expecting to love modern art as much as I did, but MoMA changed my mind. There were so many amazing displays! Then Krista and I got a late lunch and made our way back to my dad’s office to meet him before we went home. Krista and I were waiting in line at the subway to get metro cards, and a nice couple (from the South, no less) came up to us and asked us if we wanted their cards since they were leaving. We said sure, and later found out that one of the cards had unlimited rides for a day, and the other had unlimited rides for a week! And they just GAVE us their metro cards, for nothing. That’s one of the reasons I love going to college in the South: people are just nicer.
I’m counting this as Goal #91, so that’s finished.

I’ve completed another goal recently: Goal #12, which is “Learn to pump my own gas.” I learned how to on my way down to USC with my mom. It’s a lot easier than I thought it would be.

Goal #62 has taken a turn for the worst. I’ve been seriously slacking off on my quiet times with God recently. It’s no excuse, but I’ve been seriously busy the past four or five days. So I guess I have to start all over again. Not a problem, I’m doing quiet times either way :]

Goal #65: I really want to go on Summer Project to Lebanon next summer. I have to continue praying about it, but if all goes well, I’ll be there next summer!

Goal #86: After my Summer Project adventures next summer, I’ll be back in time to be a counselor at Camp Cedarbrook. This still isn’t set in stone, but I’d love for it to happen!

In other news:

I moved into my apartment this week. My mom is a master at getting apartments ready to live in. I’m pretty glad she came with me to help me move in because most of the stuff she did I would have had no idea how to do. I’m so not ready to live completely on my own. Now, my mom and sisters are gone, and the electric won’t be on in my apartment until later today. I found this out yesterday when the electric was suddenly turned off and I had to transfer the electric to my name. Then I had to move my fridge and freezer stuff to my neighbor/friend JJ’s fridge and freezer until mine gets power. Since he was a great guy and let me take over his fridge and sit in his air conditioned apartment for a few hours, I made him a pasta dinner. I dare say, it rivaled my Nana’s pasta dinner, and that’s saying a lot. After that, I went back to my apartment to try to sleep in the furnace. I fell asleep quickly but kept waking up. Around 2:30am, I took a freezing cold shower and had to light a candle because there were no lights. Then I went back to a restless, sweaty, gross sleep until 7am when the sun and my mom’s text woke me up. I went back to sleep again but was woken up at 9am by loud noises outside. So much for refreshing sleep. I gave up and got ready to go out. I ran to my car, cranked the AC, drove to Starbucks, and sat down with my iced coffee and a plug for my laptop. I’m currently camping out at Starbucks until my meter runs out and I have to move my car. Hopefully by the time I get back to my apartment, the electric is back on and I can start the AC.

Even though it’s hot as the sun in my apartment, it’s still a wonderful place. :]