Superior is He.

I’m working on Goal Number 1 some more (reading the entire Bible). I’ve read a lot of the Bible throughout my life, but I’m trying to read each book as a whole. I’ve read from 1 Corinthians to Hebrews so far, and I’m pretty stuck there right now. Hebrews is a very difficult book for me. I’m pretty sure it’s because it isn’t making sense in my mind. I like to know the historical background on what I’m reading, and a lot of Hebrews is about Jewish traditions and stuff that I’ve never really learned about. According to the Scofield Reference Notes (1917 Edition), the intent of Hebrews is “to confirm Jewish Christians by showing that Judaism had come to an end through the fulfilment by Christ of the whole purpose of the law” … “Hebrews is a series of contrasts between the good things of Judaism and the better things of Christ. Christ is ‘better’ than angels, than Moses, than Joshua, than Aaron.”

This is why I’m stuck on Hebrews. There are Jewish traditions that I don’t understand, and there are things discussed in Hebrews that are common knowledge for the Jews of that time (and probably today) but are foreign to me. In order for me to fully understand what I’m reading, I have to do a lot of reading in different versions of the Bible and in Bible commentaries, one of which is the Scofield Reference Notes (1917 Edition). I’m also doing a Bible study book on Hebrews and the superiority of Christ, so that’s helping decode Hebrews.

I’m excited to gain a better understanding of the book, but I’m also anxious to get through it! It’s just been really tough… and I guess it’s kind of wimpy of me to wish I were finished with it, but it’s really been a struggle!


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