The fireworks mean something.

Dear Friends,
Happy Independence Day!

I said in my previously written post that I might have a chance to meet Julie Andrews tomorrow. Sadly, I didn’t realize that I had to get my ticket in advance. But that’s just my luck. Instead, I’ll be going to visit my friend Rebecca in the city while she’s in Greenwich Village on Summer Project.

Yesterday, my friends and I went to West Point to watch fireworks. It was wonderful. The view was gorgeous, and the men were in uniform. It wasn’t hard to be in a good mood while surrounded by so many army men. Of course, my friend Katelyn called me out as being “boy crazy.” I defended my self by saying that I’m not like this normally, of course, and it’s not often that I’m in a place with so many military men. And you have to admit, there’s just something about a man in uniform. The fireworks were good, too.

Today will be a day of celebration and family, sun and barbeque, remembrance and thanksgiving to those who have served and are serving.

From July 4, 1776 to July 4, 2010 and beyond. God Bless the USA :]


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