A week of greatness.

Goal Number 18This past week has been absurdly eventful, and it’s taken me forever to gather the courage to write it all for you; it’s proving to be a lot to write.

On June 24th, Krista and I went to Pennsylvania to visit our cousins and aunt and uncle. We were supposed to leave around noon and get there around 2:30 but, being the excessively punctual person that I am, we left two hours early so we could make a few pit stops on the way: my Nana and Pop’s house and Dunkin Donuts (for coffee). We got to our cousins’ house around noon without much trouble on the turnpike. Very shortly after, around 1pm, it started to rain. The power went out and as we were getting candles (it was dark as night by this point), we looked outside and noticed that a tree in their front yard had been split in two by lightning. We marveled at how we could have missed the loud “crack” it would have made as it was breaking and, since my aunt and uncle were at work and it was just our cousin Sarah with us at the time, I calmly told Krista and Sarah to head to the basement. Of course, I didn’t really know what to do in that situation because I had never been in a storm where I was scared that a tree was going to fall on my house, so I called my mom. She said that it was alright for us to be on the main floor, as long as there was another floor above us, since a tree would probably hit the roof and there was no danger of it hitting the ground floor. We stayed in the basement for a little while longer, just to make sure, and went upstairs after the wind had died down a bit. Later, when our aunt and uncle came back, they said it was a microburst.

The power was still off because a tree had fallen on the power lines or something, and it was pretty frustrating because Krista and I had planned on staying until the 26th. We were told that the power wouldn’t come back until Monday, so Krista, Sarah, and I, along with Uncle Tom and Aunt Cathleen, decided that it would be best to go back to New Jersey; Sarah, Uncle Tom, Aunt Cathleen, and Caitlin (when she got back from her trip), would stay and Nana and Pop’s. Since the power was staying off for a few days, the best thing to do was to clean out the fridge and freezer and transport all of the food to Nana and Pop’s so it wouldn’t go bad. Sarah, Krista, and I were just about to leave with the first cooler of food when a light came on. I was really excited because that meant, obviously, that the power was back on. Uncle Tom was less than thrilled, to say the least, since he had just cleaned out the freezer and all of that food now had to go back into the freezer. We decided to go back to NJ anyway since we had gotten all set to go, so Krista, Sarah, and I set out on our journey back to the Garden State.

We were almost home, about 45min out, when we hit stop-and-go traffic. It wasn’t a huge problem at all, except that Sarah noticed before she got into the car that her purse had ants in it. We thought she got them all out, but throughout the trip, we kept seeing little ants popping up in the car. She even got one down her pants! Well, we were in traffic, and I noticed that there was an ant on my window. Usually, I’m really good about not freaking out over bugs when I’m in the car (even though I freak out over them when I’m not in the car), but this time I’m not sure what happened. I took my foot off the break for a split second and went to squish the ant, and I heard Krista yell, “Beth! Watch out!” and I hit the car in front of me. Not badly, but enough to make me really upset because it was my first accident ever. We were only going about 10 mph, so it wasn’t a huge problem for the other car, but my insurance will still go up, and my family will forever hold this over me whenever I drive.

The next day (June 26th), I realized I was getting pretty sick. So I stayed in bed all day and slept. It was the same on the 27th, except it was a Sunday so I went to church in the morning and then taught the choir I’m in charge of even though my voice was gone. After that, though, I went back to sleep.

On the 28th, Krista and I went shopping, which made me feel a lot better. A shopping day was definitely needed. On the 29th, we went to a graduation/birthday party. That midnight, we saw the Twilight Saga: Eclipse movie at the midnight premiere. It was pretty awesome, except for the little girls who gasped at everything that happened. Really? It was a book first, guys. It’s not like this is new material.

That night also, the Gamecocks played the second game in the College World Series finals. It was a close game, and it was still going on after Krista and I left for the movie, so I had people texting me to keep me updated on the score. I was sitting in the theater at around 11:50pm, and I got a few texts saying that the Gamecocks won the finals, so I got to have a mini freak out session/victory dance party in my movie theater seat. I’m sure that so many people were wondering what I was doing, but it’s all good.

Like I said, it was a pretty awesome and crazy week and it took a long time to write it all out. I hope to have more to tell you shortly, as I’m planning on meeting Julie Andrews on July 5th. I’ll tell you more about that some other time. Right now, I can cross goal number 18 off my list.

Adieu :]


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