Fitting an ocean in a paper cup.

Today, Krista and I are taking our road trip to Pennsylvania to visit our cousins. I’m psyched! I’m really glad that my parents were OK with us going, but they had one condition: that both of our rooms were spotless. I’ve been up all night cleaning and, although it’s not perfect, I’m sure it’ll satisfy my mother’s critical eye. If you think about it, since I brought stuff home from college, it’s kind of like I’m trying to fit another quarter of a room into my already normally full bedroom. Most of my college stuff is in storage back at school, but the stuff I did bring home doesn’t really fit. My mom’s turned my bedroom into her craft room, and my dresser drawers are full of that stuff. So instead of being able to unpack my clothes, they’re all still in suitcases packed under my bed and in my closet. I have a bookshelf in my bedroom full of books I’ve read and love, but I have a box of books I brought to college with me that are now back in my room at home. They’re still in the box because there’s nowhere else to put them. I guess that’s all OK. As long as I can pass my mom’s inspection, I’ll be fine.

I’ll hopefully be taking pictures and video of our road trip, so I will update as soon as possible!

Arrivederci! <3


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