Letter to a loved one.

This is something one of my friends found, and I love it so much! It’s called, “Letter to a Loved One” and it’s a representation of God’s love and compassion and everything that He is.

My Darling,

Your heart is so precious to me.
I hold it delicately in my gentle, soft hands.
I am satisfied to gaze into your eyes,
to watch lovingly as you go about your day,
to look at your beautiful figure,
and smile knowingly at your beautiful heart.

I am your biggest fan.

Your smile burns into my heart.
It’s my joy to see you so happy.
I want to give you everything!
There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you.
You’re the most important person in the world!

What are your dreams?
I long to fulfill them for you.

How can I make you smile?

Oh, to hear your laugh, again and again!
Will you laugh again for me?
It’s my favourite sound in the world.

I cherish every moment with you.

I even capture every tear,
for they are powerful.
And I label them to remind me
what it is that breaks your heart.
I’ll change the world so your heart won’t break again.

You are too… beautiful.
What other word is there?

My beloved,
everything I have is yours.
And everything I do –
it’s for you.

It’s your hand that I love to hold.
It’s your face that I love to kiss.
It’s your hair that I love to touch.
And it’s your eyes that draw me into your heart.
Let me hold you close.
Let me lift you up.
Let me pull you up into my throne room,
and show you our kingdom!
Let me show you the resources I have.
Let me give you the keys to my storehouses.

Let me inspire you.
Let me dream with you.
Take my hand.
I’ll give you everything.

Let me show you snowflakes and sunsets,
raindrops on roses,
and rainbows
and forests
and rivers.

I’ll teach you to dance with the angels,
to fly with the wind,
to rest with the lions
and ride on the wings of eagles.
I’ll take you on a journey to the stars,
and then I’ll bring you back
and you can help me
create a new world.

You are my princess.
You are the one I love.
Will you come with me?
I give you my hand.
Will you be my queen?


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