Little notes and warmed hearts.

For Zach.I got an email today with a very simple message in it, but it made me so happy. Sometimes the smallest things brighten my heart. The sad part is that, most of the time, what makes me so happy are things that I can’t really thank the person for. For instance, the email was basically about how someone said some really nice things about me. Now, I can’t tell this first person that I’m glad they were bragging about me because I don’t know how to say it in a way that doesn’t sound …. fake? overly thankful in a weird way? obsessive over little things? What are your thoughts?

On a separate and more solemn note: My little brother Ryan is in fourth grade. His friend Zach has cancer and came to school yesterday with a shaved head. Since Ryan didn’t want Zach to feel left out because he has no hair, Ryan asked our mom to shave his head, too. He even had her put a “z” on the back of his head for “Zach.” I’m so proud of my little brother! He’s so thoughtful and, to be honest, I was really surprised that he wanted to do that. I’m really glad he did, but still pleasantly surprised.

If you remember from last night, I was sitting outside on my patio writing my post. I noticed just a few minutes ago that I have a mosquito bite on the back of my ankle. Why do they always bite in the most random places? So annoying.

Goal number 96 is for me to see each of the Twilight Saga movies at midnight on opening night. On June 29th, my sister and I will be going to see Eclipse at midnight, so that will help me get one step closer to reaching that goal. I’m also rereading the book to get ready for the movie. Can’t wait!



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