Morning thoughts.

This morning, I was up really early (around 5:30am). Don’t ask me why; it has something to do with my nocturnal sleep schedule. Anyway, I was awake and I looked out the door and it was gorgeous! It was foggy and it looked like I was in the middle of an enchanted forest (hold the laughter… I know I’m being cheesy). There were birds chirping and the sun was barely shining. It was marvelous. Then, while I was driving my dad to the  train station, the sun was shining through the trees. This was another stunning moment. The fog was still there, but slowly burning up, and the sun was catching the water particles and I could see the rays as they went through the trees. Moments like those are undeniable proof that God exists, and He is a wonderful, creative God.

To make it all that much better, while I was driving “Soul Sister” by Train was playing on the radio. Such a great song :]

More to come <3


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