Words from a wise woman.

Number 18: Go on a road trip. I’m working on it… I have all of the details ready. My younger sister and I are going to visit our cousins from June 24 through June 26. All I have to do now is get in the car and drive there! :]

There are a lot of things I wish I could do during the summer, but I don’t have time to do most of them. One of them is going back to the sleep-away camp I used to go to, but this time as a counselor. It’s called Camp Cedarbrook now, but it used to be called Camp Cherith back in the day.  It’s an all-girls Christian sleep-away camp in the Adirondacks of New York, and it’s wonderfully beautiful there. It’s possibly one of my favorite places in the world. I love it so much that, when I was in middle school and early high school, I planned on having my wedding there when I got older. It seems really funny now, but it’s a place that’s near and dear to my heart.

Another thing I wish I could do this summer is go on a mission trip with Touch the World as a leader. The reality of the matter is that, although it would be wonderful and I’d love to go back to Mexico where I went on my first two mission trips, it doesn’t pay… and I need to have money for textbooks and food.

One thing that makes me miss these summer experiences so much is the people I’ve met and really want to see again. The counselors and staff that I met at camp, the leaders and missionaries I met with TTW, I miss them so much and it kills me that I can’t see them. However, I take solace in the truth that a wise woman once told me (this woman happened to be connected to both TTW and camp, oddly enough): As Christians, we can rest on the knowledge that if we don’t see each other ever again in this life, we’ll see each other in the next while we’re rejoicing in Heaven with Jesus.

Peace and Blessings. <3


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