525,600 minutes.

I’m giving myself until October 14, 2014 (my 25th birthday) to complete everything on my list. That means I have 4 years, 5 months, and 18 days. About 233 weeks. 1632 days total. 39,168 hours. 2,350,080 minutes. 141,004,800 seconds.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to start really working on my list until after finals. They’ve arrived and they’re kicking my butt. I will, however, be able to blog every day, and as long as I keep that up, I’ll have 1632 (or more?) blog entries by the time this is all over.

Please, dear readers, hold me accountable to my goals. Encourage me in my pursuit. Give me ideas on how to complete my goals. Suggest fun ways to complete them, too… such as when there is supposed to be a meteor shower or what time of year is the best to buy a ticket to Europe, or if you are willing to lend me your Harry Potter/James Bond movies, or if there’s a cookbook you absolutely love that I should try to cook through.

I welcome all comments. Don’t be shy!



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