100 things.

My goal is to have these 100 things completed before I die; a Bucket List.

Things in italics are things I’m working on.
Things scratched out are things I’ve completed.
1. Read the entire Bible
2. Go skydiving
3. Learn to ballroom dance
4. Go on a mother/daughter trip
5. Cook through a cookbook
6. Get my own apartment after graduation
7. Lose 50 pounds (12/50)
8. Watch each of the Harry Potter movies (8/8)
9. Have a spa day with my best girlfriend
10. Leave a 50% tip
11. Leave a 100% tip
12. Learn to pump my own gas (it’s not allowed in NJ, so I’ve never done it without help!)
13. Own a car
14. Host a dinner party
15. Go on a cruise
16. Go horseback riding
17. Learn to play golf
18. Go on a road trip
19. Graduate college (no brainer)
20. Get a 4.0 senior year
21. Sing on stage by myself in front of at least 1000 people
22. Swim with a dolphin
23. Have my portrait painted
24. Buy a one-way ticket to Europe and stay there until I run out of money
25. Shower under a waterfall
26. Send a message in a bottle
27. Fall deeply in love
28. Go to Walden Pond and read Thoreau
29.  Have a croissant at Tiffany’s in New York
30. Go with friends to explore an abandoned psych ward
31. Drive across America from New York to California
32. Grow a garden
33. Attend a Red Sox vs. Yankees game in Fenway Park
34. Learn to make one mixed drink like a pro bartender
35. Go to Africa
36. Adopt an accent for the entire day
37. Visit all 50 states (18/50)
38. Kiss in the rain
39. Meet a famous singer
40. Go to a drive-in movie theater
41. Go stargazing
42. Send a friend flowers for no reason
43. Make my own sushi
44. Go to every home Gamecock football game senior year
45. Watch every James Bond movie (1/23)
46. Buy a $100 pair of shoes
47. Play an elaborate practical joke
48. Buy a pair of jeans and have them tailored
49. Learn how to sew really well and make a dress
50. Go to a mattress store in my pj’s
51. Try on wedding dresses with my girlfriends just for fun
52. Read all of Shakespeare’s comedies (1/14)
53. Rent a limo for the night
54. Own a cat (my family owns several cats, but I’d like to have my own)
55. Record a CD
56. Take up ballet again
57. Give voice lessons
58. Go to sleep before midnight for a week (0/7)
59. Learn sign language
60. Go to Prague
61. Teach my parents how to shag
62. Have quiet time once a day for 30 days straight (30/30)
63. Have $3000 in my checking account
64. Go to a Gamecock Basketball Game
65. Go on Summer Project
66. Ride a motorcycle
67. Stay awake for 45 hours straight in a 72 hour period
68. Go one week without checking facebook (0/7)
69. Go one week without spending any money (0/7)
70. Fast, meaning only bread (after sunset and before sunrise) and water, for one week (0/7)
71. Learn how to do my own taxes
72. Attend a Passion Conference
73. Wake up at or before 6am for a week (0/7)
74. Visit Anna in England
75. See Mika in concert with Anna
76. Sponsor a child
77. Crash a wedding
78. Travel around the world in eighty days – following Phileas Fogg
79. Throw a surprise party
80. Go on a picnic date
81. Go to “Shakespeare in the Park” in Central Park
82. Go for an entire day without speaking
83. Get my eyebrows threaded
84. Go on a horse and carriage ride through Central Park
85. Learn to play the violin or cello
86. Be a counselor at Camp Cedarbrook
87. Send out “Thank You” cards for every gift I get for my birthday
88. Make a gourmet cake
89. Fly in a helicopter
90. Take up photography
91. Take a random day trip to NYC with friends and wander around
92. Visit the Statue of Liberty
93. Take my parents out to dinner
94. Have a Lord of the Rings movie marathon
95. Go through old photo albums with my grandparents
96. See each installment of the Twilight Saga at midnight opening night (3/5)
97. Sing at a family gathering
98. Live on a farm for a day and take part in normal farm activities
99. Learn how to cook chicken
100. Document completion of each event with a picture (3/100)